Pool Services

Weekly Pool Service
This service will include testing of water chemistry, brushing the sides of the pool, netting debris off the top, emptying baskets, vacuum and backwashing as needed, and visual inspection of pool equipment for leaks and malfunction. Pool Service prices varies on size of pool.  Please contact us for a FREE quote.

Green Pool Clean/Drain
We offer services of turning around or draining of green pools in some cases. Some pools may require a chlorine bath or acid wash in addition to draining.

We pride ourselves on 25 + years of collective experience in the pool industry with continued education and on the job training we are able install pumps, motors, seals, salt systems, lights, and everything in between. Estimates are always FREE.

Sand Change
Experts recommend a sand change be done every 3-5 years. Frequency will depend on usage of pool.

Salt System
We offer salt system conversions as well as salt system replacements for non-working units. This is a great alternative to a conventional chlorine pool. Salt water pools are better for your eyes, skin, and overall health. A typical salt system starts around $1000 and could vary depending on size of pool and application.